While discusssing the addition of a satellite radio being installed prior to the agreement to purchase, I asked the Mazda Salesman in Bossier City, Louisiana could a radio be installed as to look like a factory installation. Mr.

Wooten stated that it could be installed like a factory installation. I agreed to purchase the Mazda 3 and have the radio installed. To my surprise the antenna was installed with wires routed showing under the trunk lid. I took photographs of the sloppy work and complained to the Dealer Maintenance Department.

I was informed that the method of installation was inferior but it was Mazda"s Policy to use a cost effective method to mount an satellite radio antenna on Mazda"s. I then ask why was I miss informed when I had asked a specific question. Answer was, blame the Salesman.

I now drive a new Mazda that cost more than my first house with a cheap, ugly, but cost effective satellite antenna. Buyer beware of the Mazda.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #677753

They probably should have showed you what the installation would have looked like so you knew. This is how Mazda Port Install them too.


Sorry to say this, but NEVER trust a car salesman. Get everything everything everything in writing.

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