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I had happily owned 2 mazda 6 2006 sedan and wagon and was considering another when the diesel comes out.

That was last week.

This week without warning the clutch pedal went to the floor and made a loud bang grinding noise.

Car has extended warranty from Mazda we had told mazda for over a year hard to get into reverse and 1-2 chatter noise but never got any resolution on this.

Took car in dealer said it would be a clucth which is not covered I was not happy but somewhat ok with that. It turns out that went the part failed Throwout bearing it destroyed the transmission and that is not covered (Mazda Customer service must know about the problem as they tell you not covered and basically hang up on you.

Same with MEPP which I paid a great deal of money for Bumper to bumper Extended total care which is supposed to cover manual trans but somehow does not.

getting rid of both cars and may have to junk my other car which went from being worth 10k to 0. in an instant by a bearing which should be covered.

DON"T BUY MAZDA they don't stand behind the product.

Always dealer serviced and just was serviced and passed MAZDA (Green light thing they give you every time it's serviced making you feel like it's all good which is a lie.

3000.00 to replace the clutch is insane It's not a skyline GTR

Review about: Mazda Car.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

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Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #681851

I just got my 2012 mazda three less than three months ago got it with 29000 miles on it at 40000, something in the engine broke causing the oil filter to blow off and releasing all the oil. I am under powertrain warranty and they told that outside factors caused the problem, however the dealer told me that they have no idea what caused it.

Because they did not know what happened they wouldn't be able to pay out. I have called customer service several times and keep getting hung up on, they will not let me speak to a supervisor and they will not answer any of my questions or tell me what outside factors caused my engine to blow up.

I was forced to get a used engine because could not afford not to have a car. It has been two and half weeks now.

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