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OK,What year is your Mazda?The reason for asking is because sometime's we purchase bad gas and This will cause water to be mixed in with our gas.And also if this is this case,Then this is not the car dealership's fault.I use to purchase my gas at Mobile Gas Station and I had a brand new vehicle not even two week's old, As soon as i purchase the gas at the Mobile Gas Station my check engine light popped on and I had to carry my vehicle to the dealership to get the check engine light to go off.Later i found out from other's that Mobile Gas Station had some how gotten water mixed in with their gas.It does not matter how old your vehicle is water and Gas does not mix well in any vehicle.You might think about this before you try to place an Law Suit against the dealership.Good Luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mazda Car.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1230857

Please! Your federal gov says 1% water content is perfectly fine.

Right along with 10% and soon to be 15% ethahol.

Which is hydroscoptic by nature and readily absorbs water from the air. By her your gov wouldn't sell you out now would they??

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